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What makes Leslie a great massage therapist?

sports massage foot injuryLeslie’s massage training, experience, and her relaxed, comfortable style speak for themselves—and her lifelong experience as an athlete in a variety of sports enable her to personally relate to the needs of her clients. She delights in their physical gains and achievements—and she can deeply empathize with personal frustrations, delays and disappointments caused by injury.

Leslie says, “I listen, and I take everybody’s pain seriously. I like people, and I let them move forward at their own speed. I like to help them be their best physically, which also contributes to their emotional and mental wellbeing. I’m happy to say that I really enjoy my work. I have fun…and I think that is why my clients find it easier to relax and enjoy their massage sessions with me!”

Leslie received her Massage Therapy License in 1991 when she moved to Oregon. For 10 years, (until 2008), she served on the Cycle Oregon Massage Team. Her community spirit is evident in who she is, what she does, and how she conducts her business.

“Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest, whether they are an athlete or not.” -Leslie

Contact Info

Sports Massage Plus
1907 Garden Ave. Ste. 205
Eugene, OR 97403

Phone: (541) 870-7245
Email: lesshaw3@gmail.com


License #3492


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“After a lifetime of playing sports, and my stressful job, I have done some damage to my body. However, I do have a way to cope. Leslie's massage has helped me keep going after all these years!“ -DH, Mental Health Worker

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