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Leslie has now retired. Thank you to all her past clients.


Common Needs and Conditions Treated at Sports Massage Plus:

Sports injury ∙ injury prevention ∙ back and neck pain ∙ overuse injury, auto accident ∙ stress relief ∙ acute and chronic pain ∙ stiffness ∙ enhance circulation ∙ detoxify ∙ reduce swelling, whiplash, auto injury ∙ retraining of muscle groups ∙ plantar fascitis and carpal tunnel disorders ∙ achieve greater overall well-being and mental focus

neckThere are specific sports massage therapies for specific injuries: such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sprains, hamstring stains, groin strains, tenderness, stiffness, swelling, etc.

Leslie’s services include client education about how muscles work and respond, aid in healing injuries and in preventing them in the future. For you, this not only benefits you physically, but psychologically and emotionally, as you overcome the anxiety of a current injury, or defeat fear you may have of a future injury.



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Sports Massage Plus
1907 Garden Ave. Ste. 205
Eugene, OR 97403

Phone: (541) 870-7245


License #3492


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“After a lifetime of playing sports, and my stressful job, I have done some damage to my body. However, I do have a way to cope. Leslie's massage has helped me keep going after all these years!“ -DH, Mental Health Worker

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